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Your knowledge could benefit all pet owners! Please contact us and send short articles that we can post on our site, or if you would like to do a regular column!
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Smoking Dogs, the effect of secondhand smoke on dogs.
Also read what a Registered Nurse has to say about Children and pets!

Greyhound birthday greetingNew Birthday Cards!
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Gus is a sweet and friendly greyhound who was rescued by Lee from Greyhound Pets Of America, a group dedicated to saving greyhounds when their racing careers are over, when he was only two. He had been destined for the track, which is a lonely and isolated life for dogs who are kept in cramped cages without any socialization. Luckily for Gus, he wasn't quite fast enough and so he was expendable. He now lives life as one of the world's fastest couch potatoes! Birthday.

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Getting older really is a laughing matter!

We all know someone who is marking some kind of age milestone. Even turning 30 makes some people cringe! Our rescued models have great philosophical insights into the whole thing! Browse NOW.

Puppy Mill survivor who has found a loving home.New Keep-in-touch Cards!
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Asher is a petite Yorkie who spent the first nine years of his life in a puppy mill. Many of the pets we feature on Dogonfunny® cards were from puppy mills, a terrible and tragic way that people make money by raising hundreds of dogs in cruel and harsh conditions. This sweet guy was rescued by Mary Lou, who adopted him from National Mill Dog Rescue , a great organization that has saved thousands of dogs and placed them in loving homes. Remember, Dogonfunny® cards tell each animals's story on the backs of our cards to raised awareness about pet adotion and rescue. Our mission is to help spread the word about animal welfare issues.

Dogs on the beach celebrate their anniversary!

It's Raining Bones!

Our own sweet beagle, Snoopy, sends a lick on the nose to anyone you want to thank for any reason. Why not send a "high-four" the canine way? See NOW!

Kong Squeaker Tennis BallsCatalog News!
Find great active toys to get your dog back in shape! These Kong Squeaker tennis balls are great for a chase! We also have many other toss toys to keep your pet healthy and active, and the discount sale applies. See them now!

Fabulous Felines!

Happy birthday from a Dogonfunny Cat
Possum is one of our newest Dogonfunny® cats! Here she appears on our new birthday card Take a look.

More Cats!

Cat licks water from faucet!BL010 - A Cat is a Tiger

Need a cool Keep-inTouch Card? Then check out our newest cards with thoughtful quotes and blank insides. Purrrfect For friends!! See NOW!

Send a Get-Well Greeting

Put a smile on the face of a sick friend or loved-one with our new get well cards! How can anyone feel down with an offer like this?

Get well greetings-Kiss your Boo-Boo!

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Dogonfunny® uses photos of rescued pets dressed in colorful and funny outfits to produce greeting cards, note cards, invitations, calendars and gifts for dog and animal lovers! We use our cards and other gifts to help spread the word about how wonderful adopted pets can be by putting the story of each dog on the back of our cards. We also donate to animal welfare charities with every sale!
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